A trip to the ER avoided

A trip to the ER avoided

Everything is under control

Increased patient safety

A simpler life

An optimized treatment

In recent years, the provincial government has granted pharmacists the right to provide new clinical services to their patients.

Whether extending a prescription or prescribing a medication for a minor condition, these new services not only make life easier but sometimes avoid a visit to a clinic or ER.

If the government gives pharmacists the means to perform more services, medical clinics and hospitals will be able to spend more time with patients who truly need their assistance.

This is why we are asking the government to review the payment of services based on their complexity. This will enable pharmacists to exercise their full potential to help patients.


In 2018, Quebec’s pharmacists wrote over 50,000 prescriptions for minor conditions.


In 2018, Quebec’s pharmacists wrote over 250,000 prescriptions for conditions that do not require a diagnosis.