A simpler life

A trip to the ER avoided

Everything is under control

Increased patient safety

A simpler life

An optimized treatment

Extending prescriptions is one of the things pharmacists can do. It’s another concrete example of a service that helps make patients’ lives easier, while ensuring better use of healthcare resources.

As a result, thousands of Quebecers have avoided having their treatment interrupted while waiting to see their doctor. They can get quick, easy access to their medications, which contributes to maintaining their health.

Unfortunately, to benefit from this clinical service, as for many others, patients must pay fees (deductibles and co-insurance) they would not have to pay elsewhere in the healthcare system. We believe it is crucial to eliminate this major barrier, which reduces patient access to these services./p>


In 2018, Quebec’s community pharmacists extended 279,419 prescriptions for more than 30 days.


In 77% of cases, the advice given by pharmacists prevented the need for patients to consult at least one other resource in the healthcare system.