An optimized treatment

A trip to the ER avoided

Everything is under control

Increased patient safety

A simpler life

An optimized treatment

The role of Quebec’s pharmacists has been evolving significantly. Pharmacists are now called upon to play an increasingly significant clinical role. Deprescribing is an excellent example of the form this new role can take.

Given our close relationship with our patients and our role as medication experts, we can assess the efficacy of their drug therapies. We can therefore adjust the dosage of some medications, control their unwanted side effects and, in some cases deprescribe, which means terminating prescriptions that are no longer effective and might be doing more harm than good.

Deprescribing contributes to optimizing patients’ treatment and improving their health, while lowering costs in our healthcare system.


About 25% of people over age 65 take at least 10 medications.


In Canada, the annual costs associated with the inappropriate use of medication are estimated at $419 million.