Quebec’s pharmacists are part of the equation


Quebec’s pharmacists are part of the equation—an equation that results in a more efficient healthcare system, which in turn benefits patients.

Making optimal use of available resources is crucial. Patients must be able to see the right professional to access the right service at the right time.

Quebec’s network of community pharmacies represents close to 2,000 access points to frontline health care. When you view the testimonial videos on this site, you’ll see that, when used to their full potential, pharmacists can make a major contribution in facilitating access to frontline healthcare services.

Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals, and can do more to improve patient health. The Quebec government needs to implement winning conditions that will enable pharmacists to fully deploy their expertise.

Rising needs

Quebecers’ health needs are growing. Our population is aging, emergency rooms are overcrowded and our healthcare system is under increasing pressure.

Quebec’s pharmacists play a key role in patient services and make an important difference in the system.

There is a way to improve access to our healthcare system, and pharmacists are part of the equation.


More than 1 million Quebecers consult pharmacists every week.


A typical Quebec pharmacy carries nearly 14,000 consultations yearly.


93% of all Quebecers believe their pharmacist can help relieve the pressure on the healthcare system.


Community pharmacies generate more than 44,000 jobs across Quebec.

A more efficient healthcare system

Since in Quebec you must be a pharmacist to operate a pharmacy, the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires (AQPP) represents more than 2,000 owner/pharmacists in the province, whether or not they are affiliated with a chain or banner.

With more than 44,000 employees across the province, community pharmacies are the largest private employer in Quebec.

A typical pharmacy fills close to 160,000 prescriptions every year and does more than one million consultations every week, making the pharmacist one of the most available and valued health professionals in Quebec.

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